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Quantum Human Design™ Podcast

Feb 13, 2021

In this episode of the Understanding Human Design Podcast, Host Karen Curry Parker, interviews Evelyn Levenson. Evelyn is a Certified Human Design Specialist, Quantum Alignment Practitioner, and author of the popular ebook, “Human Design 101: A Crash Course in Aligning with Your Authentic Self,” as well as several online courses.

As a 1/3 Splenic Orchestrator (Projector), Evelyn brings 12 years of Human Design experience, depth, wisdom, and training to her teachings and professional readings. Known for her warm and easy style, Evelyn helps people gain pivotal insights into their life path and soul’s purpose. Her intuitive and knowledge-based reading style empowers people to embrace their truth, love themselves unconditionally, and learn to make decisions that align with who they are.

Evelyn is serving her greater mission of guiding humanity through the major paradigm shift currently underway by providing courses and materials for everyone, plus some that are created specifically to support her fellow Orchestrators (Projectors). She will also be speaking at the International Human Design Conference next week!


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Quantum Alignment System™, and Understanding Human Design


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